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Home Theater Screen by Jamestown

Welcome to Jamestown Home Theater Screen! Home of the custom built home theater screen! We have several standard home theater screen sizes or we can build most any screen size to fit your needs. Our home theater screen projection material offers excellent HD image quality and our frames are built to last.

We offer three types of home theater screens:

We have the fixed frame Home Theater Screen which is HD ,Ultra HD and 3D ready

We have the Curved Home Theater Screen which offers advantages such as greater brightness and an immersive feeling to your movies and sports.

We have the Acoustic Home Theater Screen which allows you to put speakers behind the screen so you sound comes directly through the screen.

All fabrics will lose a small amount of tension over time - we have created a simple solution to this problem: All Jamestown home theater screens are built with and inner and outer frame system. This system allows for easy full tension adjustability should a wrinkle or wave ever form in your screen.


We are also building 2.35:1 ratio projector screen sizes and can build custom masking panels. Just contact us for a custom home theater screen build.
Our home theater screens are available in Matte White and High Contrast Gray.

All our screens come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Both our Paypal account and credit card processing is backed by Paypal so your order is secure.

Jamestown Home Theater Screen is a family-owned company located in Dayton Tennessee. We are a member of the Dayton Chamber of Commerce and are proud that our products are made right here in the USA.

We have been building home theater screens for seven years and we think we offer a well-crafted, furniture quality home theater screen.

We stand behind each and every home theater screen we sell! With a 60-Day money back guarantee, you can't be dissatisfied.

We ship via UPS and provide a tracking number as it ships.

Video of one of our Curved Home Theater screens in action

Football themed Home Theater room

Home theater screen in Steelers themed room