130 inch Home theater screen

130 inch 16:9 home theater screen

Home Theater Screen by Jamestown

Welcome to Jamestown Home Theater Screen! Home of the custom built home projector screen! We have several standard projector screen sizes or we can build most any projection screen size to fit your needs. Our home theater screen projection material offers excellent HD up to 4K image quality and are active 3D compatible.  Our projector screen frames are built to last for the life of your home theater.

The only home theater screens on the market with total screen surface adjustable tension.  What this means is no more buying a screen and having to replace it in a few years when wrinkles or waves start appearing on your screen surface. Our projector screens simply last longer.

Just how high quality are Jamestown home theater screens.

Here is what the Director of Kong: Skull Island says.

“When I bought my very first screen I bought from Jamestown Home Theater. When my roommate and I parted ways to live our own lives – he took the screen and I bought my 2nd Jamestown Home Theater Screen. When I moved into my newest apartment with more wall space i upgraded my screen to the largest one available. That’s how much I love your screens!”
-Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of Kong: Skull Island
Elegant 120 inch home theater screen room

Elegant 120 inch home theater screen room

Our customers love our home theater screens:

I bought a screen from you back in June. The install went fine and I am very happy with the build and picture quality. I did not expect this good of a product considering the price point.

– Mike Zakar

Got the screen. Thanks, we love it.

-James Washburn

Now our adjustable tension screens are also available in 2.35:1 Cinema Scope screens check them out here:

2.35:1 Cinema Scope Home Theater Screens


Introducing our Brand New Edgeless Projector Screens at a special introductory price.


Check our Big Sale on Curved Projector Screens

We offer several types of fixed-frame home theater screens all of which are HD, Ultra HD, and 3D ready:

First, we have the Standard Fixed Frame Projector Screens which is in a 16:9 ratio and comes in either matte white or high contrast gray.

Secondly, we offer the Curved Projector Screens which offers advantages such as greater brightness and an immersive feeling to your movies and sports. Our curved projector screens are available in matte white or high contrast gray and white acoustical material. The curved home theater screens come in both 16:9 and 2.35:1 ratios.

Thirdly, we now offer the Acoustic Projector Screens which allows you to put speakers behind the projector screen material so your sound comes directly through the movie screen. These screens feature Seymour Center Stage XD projector screen material, which is one of the highest rated acoustical materials on the market. With over 1700 holes per square inch these allow the greatest sound pass through rate and still are 4K due to the thickness of the material.

Fourth we have our brand new Edgeless Projector Screens:

These come in both white and gray in 16:9 ratio. They can also be special ordered in 2.35:1 ratios  or can be special ordered with acoustic material in any ratio.
Edgeless Projector screens

Lastly, we can build 2.35:1 ratio projector screen sizes and can build custom masking panels. Just contact us for a custom projector screen size build. These can feature any of our theater screen materials.

Our home theater screens are built with our adjustable tension system.

 Why do you need an adjustable tension system in your home theater screen?

Because all projector screen fabrics will lose a small amount of tension over time which creates waves or wrinkles in your screen surface that will show up in your projected image. Consequently, you will have to buy a new screen if your tension isn’t adjustable at some point in your screens life.  No one wants to have to buy a new screen every two to three years.

Therefore, we have created a simple solution to this problem: All Jamestown home theater screens are built with an inner and outer frame system. This system allows for easy full tension adjust-ability should a wrinkle or wave ever form in your screen. Our screens feature adjustment points every 6-7 inches that allow you to adjust the tension across the entire screen surface or a small portion of it.   So you can adjust the tension across the screen surface as needed. No more buying a new theater screen years before you actually need one.

Looking for help in picking the right projector screen size for your room?
Check out choosing the right projector screen size for your room

Or if you want to learn which projector screen material would be right for your room, call us or use our contact form or check out projector screen material types

Are you looking for a high quality projector to match with one of your projector screens with out busting your budget, then checkout our article on Three new projectors for under $1000

If you are looking for a projector screen best buy then you have found it.
All of our screens are custom made and built to last. All of our Aluminum is made here in the US.
You will not find any cheap thin aluminum parts as our frames have some of the thickest aluminum in the business. Our velvet is true plush velvet. No thin almost see through velvet or any of the sprayed on chipped velvet. We sell directly to the customer so there is no middle man to mark up the screen and we can put more money in a screen than a company who wholesales their screens. So you end up with a better screen at a reasonable price.

All our projection screens come with a 60 day money back guarantee, plus a year on parts.

Both our Paypal account and credit card processing is backed by Paypal so your order is secure.

Jamestown Home Theater Screen is a family-owned company located in Dayton Tennessee, and are proud that our products are made right here in the USA.

We have been building home theater screens for more than ten years and we think we offer a well-crafted, furniture quality home theater screen.

Our screens ship via UPS  anywhere in the US and we provide a tracking number as it ships.

If you are from another country our website isn’t set up to figure international shipping.

You can still order online but you will need to contact us for a shipping charge or supply the carrier you want to use and your customer number so we can charge the shipping to your account. You can contact us through the contact form or via phone at 423-285-3333 9-9 eastern.

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