projector screen material types

We offer several different projector screen material types for our home theater screens.

We carry some of the best projector screen material on the market today. We have the acoustical screen material, our matte white screen material and our high contrast gray screen material. Each projector screen material type has is geared toward a specific type of use.

Our acoustical screen material is the Seymour Center Stage XD acoustic material. Acoustical screen material allows you to put your speakers behind the screen material itself.  The material has holes in it that allow sound to pass through.  We have been doing business with Seymour for many years now and they provide one of the best acoustical materials on the market. The Center Stage XD material has over 1700 holes per square inch. You don’t loose any more sound than you would through speaker cloth so the XD has a great sound pass through rating. The XD come in matte white with a 1.2 gain and is rated for up to 4K  HD and 3D resolution.

Seymour projector screen material types

Center stage XD close up next to dime

Check out an in independent review of the same Seymour Center Stage projector screen material we use here.


Next we offer our Jamestown matte white screen material.  It is full 4K HD and 3D rated.  It has a 1.2 gain. The matte white screen material is the material we sell the most of and its best use is in a traditional home theater room.  It should be used in a room that has very good to excellent light control.  In other words a room with windows that have heavy curtains over then to cut out the light, or a room with no windows. When projecting on to the matte white screen material it will give you the brightest image and most vibrant colors. It also preforms the best for 3D images.

Our Jamestown matte white projector screen material

Our Jamestown matte white projector screen material

Finally we offer our Jamestown high contrast gray screen material. It is full4K and 3D rated. It has a .8 gain. The high contrast gray material should be used in a room that doesn’t have the greatest light control. For instance if  you have half moon window, skylights etc.  These don’t allow you to curtain off the light coming in easily.  When you have excess light in the room that light will wash out your projected image. In particular it will wash out the dark colors or blacks.  By projecting on to the gray surface you darken your over all image helping combat this wash out. The downside to the gray is that it does darken all the colors and over all image a little. So you tend to only use it if you have an excess light problem.

our high contrast gray projector screen material

Our high contrast gray projector screen material


If you room might use more that one of our projector screen material types and you are not quite sure which to choose. Drop us an email, join our chat or call 1-423-285-3333 M-Sat 9-9 eastern and we will be glad to go over your room and help you make the best choice for your situation.

Any of our premium materials matched with our adjustable tension frames will give you the best home theater screen at a reasonable price.

If you are a DIY we offer some of our projector screen material types available for purchase directly.