140 inch home theater screen

This is a 140 inch Home Theater Screen by Jamestown Home Theater Screen in 16:9 wide screen format with matte white surface

The only home theater screens on the market with total screen surface adjustable tension.  What this means is no more buying a screen and having to replace it in a few years when wrinkles or waves start appearing on your screen surface. 

With View-able dimensions of 69″ by 123″ ( for a true 140 inch diagonal measurement )and total dimensions of 76″ by 130″ with trim work. This is a great 140 inch home theater screen that will enhance any home theater room.

Elegant 120 inch home theater screen room

Our Elegant home theater screen

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MSRP $570

After Holidays Sale Price $300

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Our home theater screens are easy to assemble.

Just how high quality are Jamestown home theater screens.

Here is what the Director of Kong: Skull Island says.

“When I bought my very first screen I bought from Jamestown Home Theater. When my roommate and I parted ways to live our own lives – he took the screen and I bought my 2nd Jamestown Home Theater Screen. When I moved into my newest apartment with more wall space i upgraded my screen to the largest one available. That’s how much I love your screens!”

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Full 3D and 4K HD ready home theater screens

Full 3D and 4K HD ready home theater screens

Why buy a 140 inch home theater screen by Jamestown Home Theater Screens:


*Each home theater screen is custom made to control quality
*Each screen is pre-assembled prior to shipment to insure ease of assembly
*Full 4K HD and 3D screen material
*Micro textured screen surface for 120 degrees wide viewing angle
*1.2 gain for bright vivid colors and excellent contrast
*Adjustable screen tension (no more waves or wrinkles that can happen with other screens over time)
*Strong all aluminum inner framework (no plastic parts holding the joints together)
*Black velvet upholstered trim work (no sprayed on chopped velvet to shed over time)
*Easy assembly with a power screwdriver
*Easy to follow text instructions plus a video of one of our screens being assembled

Due to High order volume production time is about 6 to 8 business days.

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All our screens have a 60 day Money Back Guarantee and 1 year parts
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140 inch home theater screen

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